The Flethes brothers, runners-up in the European 420 class.

This past weekend, some very special moments for the Puerto Sherry Nautical Club occurred in the Gulf of Gaeta. The Flethes brothers have completed a dream Italian voyage and, if in San Remo they achieved fourth place overall in the World Sailing Championship in their 420 class, today they have been proclaimed brilliant runners-up in Europe. 

Things could have been even better if the last three races of Saturday had been held. The total absence of wind forced the boats to return to port after a long and tense wait on the racecourse. 


Upon arriving at the base, the brand-new runners-up declared: “This is the final prize for so many days of training and preparation in the shade. We had a lot of confidence in ourselves, but in a one-week Championship, all it takes is one day when you have a problem, and you lose all your chances. We want to share these moments of celebration and immense joy with those we consider our family, that is, the members of Puerto Sherry Nautical Club, as well as our sponsors: Puerto Sherry, Gipsy 1927, Carex Logistics and the Spanish Classic Sailing Foundation.”

The title was for the Gauls, Ange Delerce and Timothee Rossi, and the podium was completed by the Americans, Vanessa Lahrkamp and Katherine McNamara.