The Flethes brothers, second in the qualifiers.

With ideal conditions to enjoy sailing, especially in boats of these characteristics, the qualifying days of the European Championship, which will be held throughout this week in Italy, closed on July 28. The wind blew with a force of between 9 and 12 knots and without changing gusts. When the conditions are like this, the Flethes become candidates for everything. 

Yesterday, they jumped from sixth to second in the overall ranking, only beaten by the French Delerce/Rossi and ahead of the Americans Lahrkaam/Mcnamara. 

Being yesterday’s day of truth, and the Flethes brothers being in third position, the regatta had to be suspended due to lack of wind. The remaining six races will take place between today with 3 races, and the rest of the weekend. And everything points to the fact that we will be touching metal, as long as the winds and the sea continue to be favorable to the best sailing spectacle. 

From Puerto Sherry we wish good luck to the Flethes brothers and lots of courage.