Summary of the VI Puerto Sherry Classic Week

The VI Puerto Sherry Classic Week began last Wednesday with an opening ceremony of great notoriety attended by more than 150 people. On the other hand, the regattas started last Thursday with a coastal course of 8 miles from the start to the buoys ‘Recalada’, ‘Cabezuela’, ‘Galera’ and return for the big ones and a smaller one of 3.9 miles, with the arrival for all in front of the Tower of Puerto Sherry. After a dubious morning in terms of conditions, the westerly wind appeared by surprise to give a nice afternoon blowing 8 knots of medium intensity, enough to break the ice and start telling the first anecdotes and results.

The second day, which took place on Friday, was marked by the delay of the wind that did not appear until after 16:00h with a westerly of 6 knots intensity for a coastline of approximately 9 miles for the big boats and 3.9 for the smaller boats that make up the MINI class. After more than an hour and a half of racing and seeing how the wind was falling, the race committee decided to shorten the race at the buoy in front of the beach of Vistahermosa, and from there head to the tower of Puerto Sherry and take the finish.

Saturday was the third and last day, which was the breeziest, with a westerly of 9 knots of medium intensity for a coastal race of more than eight miles from the start to Cabezuela, a mark in front of Vistahermosa beach, a climb to Galera and a finish in front of the tower of Puerto Sherry for the longer boats, and one of 3.9 miles for the MINI class boats.

The boat with Uruguayan flag Fjord III of the owner S. Perry Winthrop, launched in 1946 and 14.88 meters long, has been proclaimed winner of the VI Puerto Sherry Classic Week, Memorial Pedro Bores after winning the third and final race held this Saturday in the waters of the bay of Cádiz.

For its part, the Seventy wins the CIM Classic Cup of Spain, while the Starlight 29 of 9 meters Buzz Lightyear of Eric Perignat with flag of the RCN of El Puerto de Santa Maria, third overall, wins the RETRO class, and among the MINI the victory is for the Norse Boat 17.5 of 2009 and 5.33 meters, Laro, of the Classic Sailing Foundation of Spain, a triumph that owes to his victory in the last race.

After the regatta and at night the trophy ceremony took place on the terrace of the Hotel Puerto Sherry, in an act that presided again Valle de la Riva as president of the CN Puerto Sherry, accompanied by Federico Superville, president of the Naval Racing Commission and Lola Campos, Councillor for Sports of the City of El Puerto de Santa Maria.

Finally, we would like to thank the organization of the CN Puerto Sherry with the collaboration of Marina Puerto de Santa Maria, Fundación de Vela Clásica de España, the RFEV and the FAV, having as official partners Grupo Omega, Grupo Cunado, ‘Gica, asesores inmobiliarios de la provincia de Cádiz’ and Diputación de Cádiz and with the sponsorship of Clinica Dental Dr. Pérez Jiménez, Cruzcampo, the City Council of El Puerto de Santa María and Gipsy 1927.

We are already looking forward to the VII Puerto Sherry Classic Week in 2024!