Nautical repair services
  • Repair and assembly of all types of electronics. 

    ● Teak decks assemblies in Tek-Dek. 

    ● Bow propeller assembly. 

    ● Osmosis treatments. 

    ● Bottom cleaning and painting. 

    ● Deck and hull polishing. 

    ● Repair of scratches in methacrylate. 

    ● Polyester repairs. 

    ● Spray enamel applications. 

    ● Mechanics in general. 

    ● Masting and trimming of masts.

    ● Installation of seawater cooled air conditioners and heating systems. 

    ● Sale, repair, and installation of all types of electronics. 

    ● Overhaul of antennas, lights, shrouds, plumbing, carpentry, etc. 

    Also, in our store we have a wide range of nautical products, accessories, spare parts, etc… We advise our customers with professionalism and total reliability.