Cope’s program La Linterna was recorded on the terrace of Puerto Sherry Hotel

La Linterna, Cope’s program, took place in Puerto Sherry last Monday, June 7. The live broadcast took place from the terrace of Puerto Sherry Hotel, from where Angel Esposito could see the Bay of Cádiz, the bridge of the constitution, San Fernando… 

La Linterna is Cope’s evening program, one of the most recognized radio shows at national level broadcasted from 7:00 PM to 11:30 PM. It is directed and presented by the great Ángel Expósito, who broadcasts what is happening in Spain and the world and brings it to almost 890,000 listeners assisted by a large team of analysts. 

It was a real pleasure for Puerto Sherry to have a nightly debate and current affairs program with such relevance on the national scene.